Resident Evil Village: Story and plot leaked ahead of release

Another Capcom leak has resulted in much of the new Resident Evil title plot being revealed.

Keep reading for more details.

The leaks are coming thick and fast after Capcom suffered a data breach which has seen loads of leaks surface over the past few days.

If you don’t want the new Resident Evil title spoiled for you then look away now!

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Village

The latest leak has shown off some plot details ahead of the new game from the start to the finish!

From the leaked image, it looks as though there will be 17 cut-scenes in total.

res evil village leak
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TWIST! This has the makings of a great storyline

Unfortunately for those who don’t want any spoilers, the names of the cut-scenes are a bit of a giveaway!

By the looks of it though, we have another excellent Resident Evil title coming our way.


In just the first few cut-scenes you will get the idea of what is about to happen. ‘Car Crash with Elena’ and ‘Miranda killing Julian’ don’t leave much to the imagination.

From there we know that ‘Miranda disappears and Ethan dies’ before something about a ‘Giant Bomb’ occurs!

res evil scene
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SPOOKY! The winter setting looks incredible

By the end, we know that Miranda gets defeated before ‘Chris and Mia escape by helicopter’.

All in all, it sounds like another great horror title to get stuck into, even if it may not take you by surprise!

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