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Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.15: 5 things we were hoping to see fixed

Red Dead Redemption’s update 1.15 has been bringing bug fixes and content updates to the game as it advances through its content calender.

These changes included Photo Mode, new horse breeds, Treasure Hunting Missions, Gang Hideouts, Bounty Hunter Missions, and ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ Stranger Stand among other things being added to story mode on Xbox One.

New clothes and emotes also found their way to the game across Xbox, PC and Stadia.

This all follows an update that brought much need general fixes.

However, there are several bugs that remain unfixed, and fans are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of action from Rockstar Games.

Here are five things we hoped to see fixed.

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Animal spawns


Part of the appeal of RDR2 is the game environment. The visuals are stunning, the map is huge and diverse, and the animals that come with it are excellent and crucial… if they spawn.

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While some lobbies across all platforms seem to be awash with animals, a very large portion of gamers are consistently loading into lobbies only for there to be no animals.

In a game where animals are such a big
aspect this should have been a quick fix, but it has been a known issue for a
long time now and still has no fix.

Update 1.15 was an ideal time to fix this

Infinite load screen

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WAITING: Loading screens are one of the biggest barriers to playing RDR2


This is something every gamer has had to
deal with at some point on virtually any game they have ever played. However,
in RDR2 they have been taken to a whole new level,

Whether you are loading from singleplayer
to multiplayer, swapping sessions or joining friends, the infinite load screen is
a frequent feature of an RDR2 session.

When you sit down to play a game and you have to close and reload it several times before you can even play properly, it is ridiculously frustrating.

This fix should be right at the top of a
list of needed fixes, but another update has come and gone with no change.

Camp pitching

There have been several issues with camp
pitching for a while now in RDR2, and once again they haven’t been fixed.

It is not uncommon for you to have pitched your camp, only for Cripps to up and leave, relocating your camp. Alternatively, you may not be able to pitch your camp at all, or it just may not appear.

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Either way this means too much time or
dollars are spent travelling to far corners of the map to get to your camp, or
reloading the game and retrying pitching your camp.

It is infuriating and again has been known about,
and was supposedly fixed in December. However, it is still a recurring problem
for many gamers.


Moonshine shack missing characters

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AWOL: Characters are disappearing from key locations in Moonshine

Moonshine is one of the main current
features of RDR2 Online and has added plenty of content and potential gaming

Part of the experience is the shack and the
characters you can interact with there, Maggie and Marcel for example.


Unfortunately, for many, when they go to
the shack, perhaps in between missions to pass time before their next mission, Maggie
and/or Marcel are nowhere to be found, rendering the shack useless as there is
nothing to do.

Considering Moonshine is a big, current
feature of the game, this fix should be a priority to the game devs, but it,
too, remains unfixed.

PC cheaters/hackers

Hackers and cheaters are part and parcel of
the online gaming experience. In any game you play, on any platform, you’ll probably
encounter hackers to some extent.

Different games and platforms have had
varying levels of hackers, but the PC version of RDR2 is being plagued by
cheaters and hackers.

As I mentioned, hackers are always going to find a way to exploit a game for their benefit, or simply to ruin the game for others. However, at some point there needs to be more meaningful action to protect the game from hackers on PC.

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What fixes do you most want to see in the next Red Dead Redemption 2 update?