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Red Dead Online: Updates, Game Modes, Classes, Gold Bars, DLC, Customisation, News & Everything You Need to Know

Red Dead Online gives players access to a whole new world - inside of what is undoubtedly one of the best games of the decade.

One of the staples of any Rockstar title is, of course, the multiplayer.

Red Dead Online is one of the most popular multiplayer hubs out there right now; with so much information regarding the online game.

Let's take you through everything you need to know!

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This is one of the central components of Red Dead Online; gone are the days of following around Arthur Morgan and his gang of outlaws.

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BESPOKE: Tweak your character's appearance as much as you like


As soon as you load up Red Dead Online for the first time, you will be prompted to create your own character. Take your time in this section, as you will not get another chance to create your character.

After this, the customisation is endless, anything from weapons and clothing all the way to your horse is completely up to you!

Competitive Game Modes

These game modes are a fun way to hang out with your friends and get some true Red Dead action!

  • Gun Rush: A 32-player battle royale mode which can either be played solo or with a small team
    • Players rush to find weapons and ammunition as the playable area shrinks over time
  • Shootout: A standard deathmatch mode which can be played free-for-all or with a team

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  • Most Wanted: A deathmatch with an interesting ruleset
    • As you climb the leaderboard, other players get more points for killing you - it’s not about how many kills you get, it’s about who you kill.
  • Make it Count: Red Dead Online‘s version of battle royale drops 16 or 32 players in a playable area that shrinks over time (sound familiar?)
    • Armed with only a bow or throwing knives, the goal is to be the last outlaw standing - you have limited ammunition, so use it wisely
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DEALER'S CHOICE: There are six different games modes to choose from in Red Dead Online

  • Name Your Weapon: In this competitive game mode, kill points are determined by the weapon you use
    • The more difficult the weapon is to get a kill with, the more points you earn - can be played both free-for-all and in a team format.
  • Hostile Territory: A strategic game mode pitting two teams against one another to see who can capture and hold the most land
  • Races: To take a break from shooting other outlaws, you can participate in three different styles of races: Standard point A to point B races, lap races, and checkpoint races.

Patch Notes

It is a good habit to get used to checking in with what's new with Red Dead Online, as Rockstar Games is a developer to constantly push forward updates regularly.

You will be able to find all patch notes here or on the official Red Dead Online Reddit!


One of the most recent additions to the Red Dead Online realm is the usage of specific classes.

There are currently four different classes, all offering a unique benefit to others. Below are all classes and a brief description of each.

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PART TO PLAY: Which class suits your playstyle?

  • Moonshiner: Reach Rank 5 within the Trader class and then you can complete a sale mission
  • Bounty Hunter: Focuses on hunting down wanted criminals and offers benefits to certain weapons
  • Trader: Focuses on optimizing your camp and business in terms of profit
  • Collector: Focuses on seeking out treasures and unique items across the map

Things To Do

There are so many activities that you can pass the time within Red Dead Online, one of them is teaming up with your friends to conquer the Wild West via the friends menu.

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FORM YOUR GANG: Team up with friends to take the Wild West by storm

However, other activities to do in Red Dead Online are:

  • Tackling Gang Hideouts
  • "Story Missions" - Specific to Red Dead Online
  • Races
  • Free Roaming the map - Get out and explore!
  • Perfect your class!

Gold Bars

Who doesn't love micro-transactions?

Gold Bars are Rockstar Game's iteration of micro-transactions within Red Dead Online. These bars can be purchased to get better gear or to just simply level up your character.

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GRAB SOME LOOT: Spend gold bars to improve your character

  • 25 gold bars: £8.99 / $4.99
  • 55 gold bars: £18.49 / $19.99
  • 150 gold bars: £44.99 / $49.99
  • 245 gold bars: £69.99 / $74.99
  • 350 gold bars: £89.99 / $99.99

That's all we have for now, but check back in for our Red Dead Online updates!

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