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21 Jan 2020

Red Dead Online: February Update - New Valentine's Day quests and what we want to see!

Red Dead Online is now a streamlined Wild West experience, having come out of beta testing over eight months ago!

With most players having completed the main storyline, online gameplay has ensured that the Red Dead Redemption II community has stuck around, with online now being played by millions of gamers every month across PC, Xbox and PS4.

Rockstar's willingness to pump time, energy, money and most importantly UPDATES into Red Dead Online is likely due to the huge success of GTA V Online.

On that note, here's everything we want to see in the February update for Red Dead Online.

Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day being the defining holiday of February it makes perfect sense for Rockstar to honour this in-game event in their upcoming update.

What would be REALLY perfect was if the Red Dead Redemption 2 map had a small settlement named Valentine that could be themed around the romantic holiday...

Image result for valentine red dead redemption 2

CLASSIC - A staple town through both Red Dead games

As it will be the first year since the game's launch that Red Dead Online will be available to all, it would be brilliant if we see a custom questline focused around the holiday!

A temporary makeover of Valentine would also be brilliant!

New mount!

To go along with the Valentine's day theme... it would also be good to see some customisation options for horses and characters.

Angel wings, pink boots... you get the picture.