RealOpinions: EA Play 2020 lineup is mouth-watering - Madden, FIFA, Star Wars & more

It’s been a tough year so far, and the computer game industry is included in that. E3 was canceled, and many games currently in production have seen delays.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, EA is pressing on with its annual showing of EA Play, in just a few weeks time.

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Due to the delays in other events, it's shaping up to be one of the biggest events in the gaming world this year.


What and when is EA Play?

EA Play usually takes place around E3 in the summer and is EA’s chance to show their upcoming titles for gamers around the world.

Last year we saw the likes of Apex LegendsThe Sims 4, and Battlefield alongside the numerous EA Sports games.

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VIRTUAL: Will you be tuning in?


EA Play will start at 4pm PT on Thursday 11 June.

You can watch on and almost certainly on their official social media channels too.

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An exciting concept for this year's event is that we will be able to imagine each game on the next-gen consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will add a new dimension to these games, with previously unseen power and graphics.

Madden 21

For NFL fans, Madden is one of the options to enjoy America's game. Madden 21 has the chance to take a great game another step forward with slight improvements to gameplay and depth of experience.

We know Lamar Jackson will be on the cover, but more gameplay trailers are the order of the day.


Last year saw the introduction of volta game mode that gave the title a street football feel. At EA Play we are hoping to see a trailer that will give us a glimpse of the direction EA Sports are taking the FIFA franchise.

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DROOLING: Imagining these graphics applied on next-gen consoles

PES 2020 was a strong competitor, and Konami will be looking to make more strides with more licenses. It will be up to FIFA 21 to stop this from happening.


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2

Star Wars games are always a big hit with fans. Last year's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order was the surprise package. It wouldn't be surprising to see a teaser for a sequel, even if it wasn't to be released in 2020.

Battlefield 6

We know that a Battlefield 6 title is being worked on, but we don't know how it has been affected by the current global issues. We know it will be in 2021, but that leaves a pretty big window.

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Expect to see a nod of some sort, with a teaser trailer the most likely.

The Sims 5

There is no confirmed release date for this family favourite, but there is a swell of demand for The Sims 5. Very little is known, but expectations for a release in the next 12 months are high.

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ABSOLUTE CLASSIC: Are you as excited about The Sims 5 as us?

A release date and trailer could definitely make an appearance at EA Play 2020.


EA Play: Notable others to look out for

The lineup has so much potential there's not enough space to list them all. There are other sports titles we expect to be announced such as UFC 4 and NHL 21. There is also the 'unannounced EA Sports title' that EA have published which could well be a return for the Fight Night franchise.

NBA Live 21 was missing from a recent EA documentation on launch timings. Will it be noticeable in its absence again at EA Play?

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Outside of these sports titles there's also excitement around a new Command & Conquer title rumoured to be in production. A sequel to Anthem could be on the cards too.

Last but not least, some news around the plans for Apex Legends as it heads beyond season 5 would round off an amazing event.