RealGamers: Join the Team & Win a Game of your choice!

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Do you fancy a free game every month? Well, now's your chance.

RealSport are looking for dedicated gamers to bring their individual insights into the games they love and esports they follow.

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We're looking for RealGamers.


So, who are RealGamers?

RealGamers are you, the community.

We consider everybody who is involved with RealSport a RealGamer.

Every Tuesday, we will publish one article submitted by a RealGamer in the RealSport community.

The piece and highest quality piece will be announced as the winner. They will be rewarded with a game of their choice.

If we believe your work is of the highest standard, there is likely to be an opportunity to become a regular contributor to RealSport. 

The winner will be announced across all social media platforms so make sure you follow us @realsport101 to stay updated!


How do I enter?

Simple, send an email and your attached article to Please ensure your submission in in .pdf or .doc/.docx format.

Make sure that you check your spelling, punctuation and grammar as we are searching for the highest quality pieces from top quality writers. This is your chance to flex your writing skills and be rewarded.

Your submission can be on absolutely anything you like, from an opinion take on a particular game release or update, a tips & tricks guide or esports analysis. Use the website as your inspiration!

What if I don’t win?

We do reward those writers who consistently contribute high-quality frequent articles with opportunities for paid writing.

We can also facilitate access and experiences that all writers crave, from arranging interviews with gaming personalities to securing credentials for games and events.


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