Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Season Release: Our Thoughts, Meta Changes, New Map & More

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The new season of Rainbow Six Siege is finally here!

Void edge released with a massive 60GB+ update, and many changes to gameplay and characters.


As a high platinum level player, I’ve personally had a great
experience with these changes and had a lot of fun playing around with the new

Read below to find out more about the new season and a
competitive perspective on the current meta, operators and maps!

My Experience

I’ve played around 6-7 hours of Ranked at this point. While
I am still in my placement matches, the skill-based matchmaking does carry over
from last season.

r6 iana space void edge

INTO THE VOID - Iana is part of the Dutch Space Programme!

At this level, people are dipping their town in with the new
operators. You may find they get more playtime at lower levels where people are
less concerned about their rank and want a go with the shiny new stuff.


A welcome change I have appreciated is the update to debris. This changes the way barricades break to stop client-side issues with the barricades.

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As someone who actively spawns peeks on defence, this is a welcome change that has been present in the game for the last four years.

Meta Changes

Currently, people haven’t had enough time to incorporate the new operators’ abilities into their strategies.

Like most seasons, teams will quickly realise whether these characters have a place in the Pro League and competitive scene.

rainbow six siege iana and oryx

IANA AND ORYX - Iana and Oryx's abilities are unique and mustbe perfected!

Iana’s hologram ability seems to work well alongside other operators. This can be utilised effectively with an entry fragger using a bait-and-switch technique.

Oryx’s main ability has slowly become a gimmick, coined as ‘The Kool-Aid Man’. However, his hatch jump is very effective when executing quick and deadly flanks.

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However, he is very loud when climbing, making his flank very
obvious. This means specific hatches will need to be used which are far away
from high traffic regions where Oryx is likely to get caught off guard.

For now, Rainbow Six will continue to stick with the same meta, with the possibility of Iana and Oryx being incorporated at a later date.

New Map

The new Oregon rework feels like an overall more balanced experience.

rainbow six oregon rework

FIX THE OLD - Ubisoft want to improve old maps before they begin tointroduce new ones.

This is for both attack and defence. The new map has more space for the attackers to explore and more flanking routes for the defence.

It seems Ubisoft has worked hard to turn a fan favourite map into something new and refreshing.

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Hopefully, we’ll soon see the addition of the ‘map ban’ being
put in place for the Ranked playlist. This should boost the amount that Oregon
is played in the game.

It is likely we’ll see Pro League teams taking advantage of
the clean slate and making Oregon part of their main roster.

Battle Pass

Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen a battle pass at the start of Void Edge. This is promised as part of the Year 5 road map, so it is likely we’ll see the addition arriving shortly.

r6 battle pass void edge

MAX'S PLANS - We have scene a previous battle pass basedaround the CEO of Rainbow 6, Alex.

A battle pass is a great incentive for all players, both new
and experienced, to play as much of the game as possible.

This will be great for the state of Rainbow 6. With more players, there will be a lowered queue time, and with a larger player base, Ubisoft will be able to run more community events and put more resources towards the game.

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What do you think of the new season, map and operators?