Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise : New Operators, Map Rotations, Ranks, Season Pass, New Battle Pass, New Game Modes

One of Ubisofts most trending games, we let you know everything about the new update.

by Louis Hutchinson

Rainbow Six is one of the hottest games right now and has a new update approaching fast: Operation Ember Rise.

We look at everything new to come and tell you everything we know about Operation Ember Rise. Ubisoft continues into Rainbow Six Siege’s third season of year 4 with two new game-changing operators to shake up the experience of both attacking and defending.


Ubisoft are dropping two new characters, Attacker Amaru & Defender Goyo, increasing the character selection to 50 unique operators.

For players with the Year 4 Season Pass both new operators will be available at the launch of the new season. Those who don’t have the season pass will have to wait 7 days until they can purchase them with renown or r6 credits. Ubisoft has implemented guns unique to past operators into the new ones to help players adapt and smoothen the general learning curve of the game.

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Attacker Amaru

Amaru, a Peruvian archaeologist and part of the APCA, is a 2 speed, 2 armour operator. Her arsenal comprises of two primary weapons the G8A1 LMG and the Super Nova shotgun, her secondary weapons include the SMG11 machine pistol and the ITA12S shotgun, she also has the choice between a claymore or three breach charges.

The Garra Hook is Amaru’s unique operator gadget which she created herself. It allows her to quickly travel through windows or ascend up hatches, wooden barricades are broken by the initiation of the ability however it cannot break castle barricades, hatches must be broken before the ability the grapple up them is available. This can be used 4 times.

Defender Goyo

Goyo, the Mexican veteran of the Fuerzas Especiales, is a 2 speed, 2 armour operator. He is equipped with the Vector.45 ACP sub-machine gun or the TSCG12 slug shotgun as a primary and the P229 pistol as a secondary his gadgets consist of a nitro cell or two impact grenades, making him a very versatile op.

Goyo can place 3 Volcan Shields which look and act the same as deployable shields except have an explosive fire charge on the back of the shield which can be shot out by both attackers and defenders.

On impact of a bullet the shield will explode into an inferno of flames dealing damage to any player nearby and setting a significant area on fire for 12 seconds which gives it a range of purposes from cutting off attackers from getting to the site temporarily to killing them if they get too close. However, attackers can also use them for the same purposes so they will need tactical placement for Goyo to be effective.

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Map Rotations

The new map rework of Kanal will be added into the ranked map rotations. The reworked map has a ton of improvements, maintaining the main features of what you remember with slight changes of details improving the map to make it more competitive. The new ranked map rotations include:

Kanal Bank Skyscraper
Oregon Chalet Costline
Clubhouse Kafe Dostoyevsky Villa
Consultant Border Outback

Ranked Changes

A new rank, Champions Rank, will be granted to players with 5000 MMR and over.

Each top 5000 players will be unique to each region. There will also be a new game mode called unranked which will have the normal ranked playlists rules applying. However, no MMR will be gained or lost from winning or losing a game.

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New Battle Pass

Rainbow Six Siege will now have a battle pass similar to other games like Fortnite or Apex Legends with the intention to reward players and give a feeling of progression other than increasing MMR in the ranked playlist.

The battle pass will drop in two phases, the first dropped when Operation Ember Rise was released.

 This is called the “Mini Battle Pass” and is free for all players with only 7 tiers. To progress through the tiers in the battle pass you will gain battle points as you play the game.

The second phase will drop in season 4 of year 4 and will have two separate battle passes, one being free and one being paid. The battle pass will consist of cosmetic items which do not affect your chances of winning and loosing and only have a visual effect on your guns/ operators.


Louis Hutchinson