Rainbow Six Siege Next Gen: Release Date, Graphics, Features, Xbox Series X, PS5, Cross Platform & more

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Next gen improvements are right around the corner for Rainbow Six Siege!

Here's everything you need to know about what next gen will bring to the game.


Release Date

Next gen upgrades for Rainbow Six Siege will arrive on 1 December!

rainbow six siege next gen release date void edge oryx hero art
COMING THROUGH: Rainbow Six Siege will hit the market like Oryx hits walls

That means players can fire the game up on Xbox Series X and PS5 in a week.



Next gen Rainbox Six Siege will bring some awesome graphical improvements to the series!

Rainbow Six Siege Next Gen Graphics Gameplay Xbox Series X PS5 1
SIGHT TO SEE: Rainbow Six Siege next gen graphics modes will be a nice step up

There will be two modes players can choose to display the game.

  • Performance Mode: This mode targets 120 FPS with 4K Dynamic Resolution Scaling (on PS5 and Xbox Series X) as well as targeting 120 FPS at 1080p (on Xbox Series X).
  • Resolution Mode: This mode targets 60 FPS with 4K resolution (on PS5 and Xbox Series X) as well as targeting 60 FPS at 1728p (Xbox Series X).


Rainbow Six Siege next gen will give players a new experience with new features from each next gen console.

Rainbow Six Siege PS5 controller design evolution history ps1 dualshock to playstation 5 dualsense
IN YOUR HANDS: Next gen Rainbow Six Siege takes advantage of the PS5's new DualSense controller

For the PS5, the new DualSense controller will offer haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and controller sound output.

For the Xbox Series X, players will be able to use the Quick Resume feature to toggle between titles and instantly resume gameplay.

Cross-Play and Cross Platform

Next gen Rainbow Six Siege will be available for Cross-Play within the same console generation at launch. This will mean PS4 and PS5 players can still play together, and same for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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Cross platform play between consoles and PC looks to also be a future possibility! In their most recent update, Ubisoft stated - "While these (cross platform) features will not be available at launch on next-gen versions, we are exploring the possibilities."

Dual Entitlement

Players that own Rainbox Six Siege on Xbox One or PS4 will be able to upgrade to the next gen version of the game for free! While this only works for the same console family, this is great news, and it isn't all.


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Next gen Rainbow Six Siege will carry over all progress - including characters, cosmetics, levels, and more.