Rainbow Six Quarantine Wishlist: Three things we want – Operator Abilities, Challenging AI, Campaign & Story mode

Check out our wishlist, with all the features we want to see in the upcoming Rainbow Six title.

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rainbow six quarantine wish list

The next title for Rainbow Six is set to release in the upcoming months.

After such a successful comeback of Ubisoft’s current competitive FPS; Rainbow Six Siege, we have high hopes for the Co-op spin-off.

We’ve seen Rainbow Six excel in the coop shooter genre for many years, and it looks like we’ll be getting yet another memorable game.

Read more to find out the three things we would love to see in the future Rainbow Six title.

Operator Abilities

From the E3 reveal trailer seen back in 2019, we see 2 characters (also known as operators) from the current Rainbow 6 Siege game.

rainbow 6 terrorist hunt
INFILTRATE – Play Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow 6 Siege

In the footage, we see 2 DLC operators:

Ela, a Polish defender introduced in the Blood Orchid DLC, and…

Vigil, a South Korean operative introduced in the White Noise DLC back in late 2017.

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With clear links to Siege, we hope to see many more characters from the game carry over to Quarantine.

Each character has their own ‘ability’, a special gadget or tool that allows them to bring a new unique way of attacking/defending to each game.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility we will only get the characters without their abilities, as we didn’t get a look at Ela or Vigil utilising their gadgets in the reveal trailer.

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We would love to see these abilities carry over to Quarantine, as this is what has made Rainbow 6 unique, fun and fresh to play.

Difficult and Challenging AI

There is a Player vs Environment (PvE) mode in Siege known as ‘Terrorist Hunt’. This allows a team of 5 to infiltrate a building to flush-out several terrorist forces.

r6 quarantine logo 1
QUARANTINE – Fight off the infection in the
upcoming Rainbow 6 title!

This mode is great for casual or new players to get to grips with the mechanics, movement, and map knowledge.

However, even on the hardest difficulty, hardcore members of the Rainbow 6 community have given up on the game mode due to it, not only not being hard enough, but also not given substantial rewards.

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We would like to see a significant improvement to the difficulty of the AI and bots in Quarantine to keep the game feeling competitive and challenging as this will improve the longevity of the game.

Campaign and Story Mode

Due to Rainbow 6 Siege being a (mostly) competitive first-person shooter, a lot of the time the narrative and story is forgotten.

r6 characters
FIGHT TOGETHER – Fight alongside 4 other friends!

With Quarantine and it’s mostly PvE direction, we hope to see a larger focus on the story and background of the characters.

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We may even see a campaign, in which we can expect to see a more in-depth look at the Rainbow Six universe.

What do you hope to see in Rainbow Six Quarantine?

Oscar Dobbins