Rainbow 6 Quarantine Gameplay: Graphics, Multiplayer, Gun Mechanics, Characters, Operators & more

The popularity of Rainbow 6: Siege has grown over the last decade, and fans are excited to get their hands on the next instalment coming from Ubisoft.

So far, we haven’t had much information regarding the details of the game, but the most recent trailer showed us that sinister forces are at play in the new game.

The title 'Quarantine' itself implies that something dangerous will need to be battled and contained.

Gameplay mechanics play a large part in the popularity of Siege, with gadgets, grenades and breaching items being the main elements of the game.

Continue reading for all the details we have.


So far, there is little information regarding multiplayer.

However, we do know there will be a 3 player PvE (Player v
Environment) mode.

rainbow 6 uk team
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THREE MUSKETEERS - fight alongside two other friends in Quarantine

We can expect this to be a ‘hoard mode’ style game mode. Interestingly,
we’ve heard that the gadgets and abilities will still be the same in this mode.

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We are excited to see how a group of three operators will work
together, regarding their abilities.

What operator combination do you think will be the most

Gun Mechanics

Gun mechanics and spray control are a massive factor when it
comes to Rainbow Six.

r6 jager gun
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JAGER MEISTER - Will the fan favourite Jager return in the nextRainbow 6?

From a Dev update called ‘First Gameplay Details’ posted on the Ubisoft North America YouTube channel; we have heard the same gun mechanics from Siege will carry over to Quarantine.

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This will keep current veterans of the Rainbow Six franchise

Current fans and veterans can jump straight into Quarantine and feel right at home. As well as this, we will see some familiar faces when playing Quarantine.


From the first and (currently) only trailer of Quarantine,
we see two soldiers finding a wounded/infected player.

These characters are Ela And Vigil, two DLC characters currently playable in Rainbow Six: Siege.

r6 character standoff
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STANDOFF - Who do you want to see return in Quarantine?

It seems we’ll see the return of multiple characters from Siege, as well as their gadgets and abilities.  

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It will interesting to see how these characters adapt to the
PvE environment.


A game mode called ‘Outbreak’ released on Rainbow Six: Siege on March 6 alongside Operation Chimera.

r6 outbreak chimera
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CHIMERA - Will the Operation Chimera Operators playa role in the story of Quarantine

The Outbreak game mode was a 3 player PvE Game mode. Here, players would work together to fight through hoards of zombie-like creatures.

This sounds very similar to the gameplay info we already
know about Quarantine.

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However, in Outbreak we were only able to pick from a restricted roster of operators, it sounds like Quarantine may include all of the operators we know of in Siege.

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