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PUBG Update 12.2 Is Now Live, Here's What You Need To Know

After around six hours of downtime, the new PUBG Update, 12.2, is now live. Headlined by the new map, Taego, this update brings plenty of changes to the popular Battle Royale game.

We'll run you through the biggest changes you need to know about, from PUBG Update 12.2.

PUBG Update 12.2 Patch Notes

The biggest addition in PUBG Update 12.2 is the new 8x8 map, Taego. It will arrive with some exclusive features, weapons and vehicles to help it stand out from the crowd.

Two new weapons and a brand new vehicle have been added as part of PUBG Update 12.2. The K2 Assault Rifle and Mk12 DMR have been added. The Mk12 is exclusive to Taego whereas the K2 is available in all matches.

The Pony Coupe Vehicle has been added and is exclusive to Taego. It is part of the Hyundai partnership with PUBG and is their first concept car.


Taego is also getting an exclusive second-chance mechanic. The Self AED can be self-administered when down but not out to revive yourself. It will be available in Solo, Duo and Squad matches.

The following are some of the highlights from the rest of the update. The full patch notes can be accessed here.


  • Player Stats UI has been improved.
  • Title is now categorized by stats.
  • Changed the order of ranking and value.
  • Added effect when looting healing and boost items.
  • A vertical line is added between the primary and secondary weapons.
  • Added effect to the first damage indicator.
  • Increased range of the affected area.
  • Top 4 UI height was adjusted.
  • Added an effect when Stun Grenades are used by a player while watching in spectator mode.
  • Improved the HUD.

Performance Improvements

  • Optimized internal logic between map loading to reduce hitching and frame drops.
  • Improved CPU usage by improving character creation and parachute animation performance to reduce hitching and frame drops.
  • Improved performance by optimizing logic related to the Special Care Package status.


The new Cataclysmic Magma Contraband Crates are now out.

  • Cataclysmic Magma Contraband Crate (Release date: July 15)
  • New Items
  • (Epic) Cataclysmic Magma – M416
  • (Epic) Cataclysmic Magma – SKS
  • (Elite) Seabeast – Mosin Nagant
  • (Elite) Gilded Depths – K2
  • (Elite) Barracuda – Vector

Training Mode

The following weapons (and Quad) have been added to training mode.

  • Quad
  • Lynx AMR
  • K2 (located on the table where the MG3 was)
  • MK12 (located near the Crossbow)
  • Added a Soccer field with three soccer balls.
  • The Uzi has been moved to the pistol table, previously located next to the Crossbow.
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