Pokemon Sword and Shield: Early Access, Early Copies And Pre-loading

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Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to become Nintendo's biggest launch ever!

Excitement building around the game every week we are looming ever so close to the release date. 

Hopeful Pokemon masters have been waiting nearly two years since the last full-blown Pokemon game, and since Sword and Shield is the first Pokemon game on the Switch, who wants to wait any longer? 

Here's what you need to know about getting Pokemon Sword and Shield as early as possible!

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Early Access

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One of the new trends we have seen with game studios is to allow early access for people who pre-order the game. These players are usually granted three to five days early access depending on what edition of the game you pre-order.

This has only recently become a trend and it has only been implemented with a few developers. Nintendo has always been strict on allowing early access copies to get out, only certain websites such as IGN or Eurogamer have been allowed press copies so far. 

So, unfortunately, it does not seem likely that we will find a way to get an early access copy. But, be sure to check back ahead of the release date as there may be a new discovery!

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Best Pre-Order Bonuses!

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Many people who are the most excited for Sword and Shield, have already pre-order the game and are making plans to attend the midnight release. Pre-ordering any game can come with its pros and cons, sometimes we do not even think about where we are pre-ordering from.

Some of these companies are offering some unreal pre-order bonuses that you should 100% take into consideration when pre-ordering Sword and Shield. 

  • Amazon: $10 credit (Prime members only) for pre-ordering one of the games; Gold Studded Leather Case DLC for pre-ordering the double pack
  • Best Buy: $10 credit (My Best Buy members only; creating an account is free); collectable coin for pre-ordering the double pack
  • GameStop: Double-sided wall poster for pre-ordering the double pack
  • Walmart: Keychain featuring all three starter Pokemon for pre-ordering the double pack
  • Pokemon Center: Free keychain plush featuring one of the games' starters

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