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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Midnight Release Guide - USA and Canada!

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The latest instalment in the iconic franchise will be hitting the shelves worldwide November 15, titled Pokemon Sword and Shield the game is one of the most anticipated yet controversial games ever.


From the exclusion of the National Dex to the cancellation of the Toyko launch event, developers Game Freak have met some harsh criticism as of late.

Although they may have cancelled one launch event, there are still multiple midnight releases set to happen worldwide, some are even going to have unique bonuses. Let's go through and see if your town is having one!

*Note: This list is for North America only*

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EB Games - Canada

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EB Games is the equivalent to Gamestop up North, and they are going all out ahead of the release date. With local signs being set up about pre-midnight release events such as a Super Smash Brothers tournament amongst other events. There seems to be a lot of attraction ahead of the release.


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EB Games has a full list of their locations that are participating in the midnight release as well they have a list of stores that are opening early Friday morning instead!

The full list can be found here! Let us know if your local EB Games is having an event too!

Best Buy

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Best Buy Huntington Beach, CA


One of the most popular technology retailers is having a very special event for those people who love Pokemon Let's Go which was the last Pokemon game released for the Switch.

They are having a midnight release at select locations but from now up until the day Pokemon Sword and Shield releases. Players are able to go to the store and find/scan a QR code that will allow them to catch Mewtwo on Pokemon Let's Go.

A very unique opportunity for fans who have not caught the legendary Pokemon yet and are looking to expand upon their PokeDex.

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Other Locations

For other locations around the USA or Canada, your local game store may be having a midnight release or they may not.

Little information is online about whether or not most brick and mortar locations are having a midnight release, it ultimately comes down to the local manager of the location and the interest surrounding it.

If you plan on attending a midnight release let us know in the comments below!

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