Pokemon Sword and Shield: Everything We Learned From Nintendo Direct

More information has been released that every would-be trainer should know!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield, the next installment in the Pokemon game franchise, will be released on 15 November as the series makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch.

Alot of information that has already made it to the public about Pokemon Sword and Shield, such as the fact the game will appear at the Pokemon Championships 2020 and we should get some more soon with a potential Pokemon Sword and Shield announcement in the Anime series.

The recent Nintendo Direct event, which was held live on Twitch, revealed some can’t-miss information about the Galar region, so strap yourself in and get ready for all the newest Pokemon news!

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Customizable Outfits

Similar to previous Pokemon games, players will be able to fully customize their player from head to toe. Players will also be able to change their hairstyle to mix and match to whatever combination they think is best!

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Pokemon Camp

A brand new feature introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the player’s ability to set up camp wherever they are for the night. This allows players to bond closer to with their Pokemon as well other players can drop by their camp to interact with each other’s Pokemon!

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NEW Pokemon!

Two new Pokemon were introduced to us during the Nintendo Direct, both of these Pokemon are brand new to the series and offer a unique addition to the growing Pokemon list for Sword and Shield.


Much like a teapot, this new Pokemon is a Ghost-type Pokemon with a one of a kind ability. Nintendo describes this new Pokemon as “Polteageist is a Ghost type Pokémon that usually makes its home by hiding amongst dishes at hotels & restaurants. Since its body is made of tea, you may even be able to have a taste. Be careful, too much and you might not feel so well!”

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The other new Pokemon introduced to us was the new flying bird Pokemon, with an interesting typing combination of water flying this one may be a must-use in the Galar Region. Nintendo described Cramorant as “Cramorant is a Flying & Water type Pokémon that will swallow absolutely anything that looks hearty enough. It also has its own exclusively ability, Gulp Missile. Watch it use Surf or Dive in battle as it rises from the water, along with its catch.

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