New Major Phasmophobia Update: Announcement Due This Week

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Phasmophobia is objectively one of the most terrifying games around and it's about to get a whole lot scarier with a major update on the way. Kinetic Games have teased the update on Twitter with an announcement set for later this week.

We're not too sure what the update will bring but a huge hint has been given by the developers. It looks like we're off to a brand new type of location that's sure to up the spooks and scares to a whole new level.


Phasmophobia Nightmare Update

The official announcement for the Phasmophobia Nightmare update is set for Monday, 25 October at 16:00 BST / 11:00 EST / 08:00 PST. On their Twitter teaser, you can see a tent set up in the background.

This was then further pointed out by a response tweet from the developers with a Millhouse meme with the words 'In-Tents'. So it strongly appears that we'll be heading out into nature after the next update and where scarier to go than camping in the woods... at night.


New Ghost Types

In another tweet from much earlier in the month, two new ghost types were also teased. The teaser image was also the first hint at the campsite map as you could see the trees and moon in the background.

Phasmophobia Journal New Ghosts

We're not sure when the update could be released but expect it to be very soon or directly after the official announcement. Popularity for the game is still going strong and more players are finding the game now that Halloween is just around the corner.


Some long time players have raised concerns with the amount of new content but lack of visual updates in the game. Their problem appears to be with adding more ghost types but not bringing in more visually distinguishable ghost models.