When is the new Champion, Octavia, coming to Paladins?

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Octavia, who is the 48th Champion to arrive in Paladins since its launch, has been fully revealed.

While how she'll work and what weapons she'll wield is interesting enough, Paladins players need to know when Octavia will actually release. We've got a breakdown here of all the information available.

Octavia Release Date

Revealed in a trailer focused on the new update, Octavia's release date in Paladins is currently just set as March 2021.

The developers are yet to narrow it down to an exact release date, but it can't be far away.

Since the release window was revealed in March itself, the launch must be very close.

You can probably expect it to be in the latter half of March 2021, which would be at least a little bit removed from the vague announcement.

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Theoretically, the developers would have just posted a finalised release date if it was imminent. This 'March 2021' date gives them some leeway on when they release it in the coming weeks.

Of course, as always, we'll be sure to update you here once the release date is final.

Octavia Details

Octavia will be "armed with a scoped DMR and a set of tactical abilities," that could make her pretty powerful.

We have a full break down on her abilities here, but she seems pretty interesting. Her abilities are:

Ability 1: Commanding Leap - Leap into the air to gain control of the battlefield. Aiming down sights with your rifle will cause you to levitate in air for up to 2.5s


Ability 2: Distortion Field - Create an opaque dome that hides allies and prevents from seeing outside of it while inside ; ability lasts for 4s. Enemies caught within the Distortion Field will have their Movement Speed reduced by 10%.

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Ultimate: Creeping Barrage - Rain down a laser barrage upon your enemies that deals 850 damage per beam – the Creeping Barrage is cast out in a devastating line in front of Octavia. The beam cluster is setup into two parts: a smaller targeting beam that deals 100 damage and destroys shields. if it makes contact, and the large damaging beam that deals 850 damage.

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