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An Outriders' Guide to scrapping your Gear

Like any looter-shooter, Outriders is part looting and part shooting. That means you might need to know how to scrap some of the gear you've looted in Outriders if you're getting a bit full.

More often than not, you'll pick up items that are equal to or worse than your currently-equipped gear. That's just how looters work, annoyingly.

Thankfully though, they can still provide some value to you if you scrap them! Here's everything you need to know about that.

How To Scrap Gear

Firstly, it's important to know that you can actually "dismantle" and scrap gear from anywhere in Outriders. You don't need to head back to a hub to do it.

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However, we would advise that you find a safe spot as Outriders doesn't technically pause the game. If you try doing this in the middle of a fight you might find yourself on the wrong end of a fatal shot from something.

Outriders Gear Scrap Dual Wield Pistols
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SCRAPPING - Need an upgrade? Scrapping gear could be useful going forwards

All you need to do is head to your inventory and start marking gear with the Right Stick (on consoles).


You can do this to any piece of gear you'd like and once you have marked everything you want to, you can click Y/Triangle and dismantle them.

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The controls might be a little different on PC, but it should say at the bottom of your screen what the input is in any case.

The Benefits Of Scrapping

Everything you dismantle will become a resource. Low Tier items are more likely to end up as "Scrap" though.

Outriders How Scrap Sell Dismantle
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EITHER OR - Selling and Dismantling both have their pros and cons

However, any Uncommon and Rare items are more likely to become things like "Iron", "Leather", or "Shards". Titanium is even rarer, but it might drop if you scrap some gear in Outriders.

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You can always sell your items to a vendor, of course, but scrapping it can be more useful as you start finding Uncommon and Rare items more often. Ultimately, upgrading items is always better than buying them.

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