How To Get The Normandy In No Man's Sky

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With their yearly event, EA Play Live, just around the corner, EA have been in good form lately. With the new updates to The Sims to the great Mass Effect remaster, there is lots to look forward to.

Today has greeted us with one of the stranger pieces of information but also one of the most interesting.

For those brave enough to do so, you can find Mass Effect's Normandy ship in No Man's Sky. Be careful though, it won't be around for long. Here's how to get it.


The key to unlocking the Normandy is understanding the recently released expeditions mode. Expeditions essentially reset your game and give you an entirely new area to mess around in.


As well as this, it also comes with its own unique storyline with objectives to unlock and strange sites to see. You can choose to complete them with friends and I would advise doing so for the best time.


How To Unlock The Normandy

By going into your menu, you can see the expedition you need to complete alongside the phases needed to finish. The first expedition ended and was replaced by the current one, entitled Beachhead. It essentially works like seasons or passes do in other games.

You have to complete objectives given to you in a limited time to get special rewards. As you might have guessed, the reward for the current expedition is the Normandy.

From the very first phase, you are dropped into trouble and told to get out. Luckily, getting out and far away rewards you with one of the coolest rewards, an excellent S class ship.

When Does It End?

Unfortunately, you don't have all that long until this reward goes forever. The current expedition ends on May 31, likely to be replaced by something new and fresh.