NHL 19: Top Faceoff Centers

Win a faceoff, and you could be in on goal, but lose one, and you could find yourself down on the scoreboard. We’ve got best faceoff centers that will win a dual.

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If you don’t have the puck, you can’t score. Equally, if the opposition has the puck, they can score. A lot of the game spans from your team’s ability to win the puck in the faceoff circle and then hatch your plan of attack. These centers are the best in the duel and will help you to come out with the puck the majority of the time. 

To rank these faceoff titans, the average of their attribute ratings in poise, faceoffs, and balance were calculated to give them a final faceoff score. These are the best faceoff centers in NHL 19.

Patrice Bergeron (Faceoff Score: 91.66)

Team: Boston Bruins
Role: Two-Way Forward
Age: 33
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 185cm
Weight: 88kg
Shoots: Right
Best Stats: Faceoffs 95, Stick Checking 95, Defensive Awareness 94

One of the reasons why Patrice Bergeron has won the Frank J. Selke Trophy so many times is because of his prowess in the faceoff circle. In NHL 19, Bergeron weighs in as the very best faceoff center in the game with a faceoff rating of 95, a 90 for poise, and an 88 in poise. 

Ryan Getzlaf (Faceoff Score: 89.00)

Team: Anaheim Ducks
Role: Power Forward
Age: 33
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 193cm
Weight: 101kg
Shoots: Right
Best Stats: 92 Passing, 92 Offensive Awareness, 92 Puck Control

Ryan Getzlaf has been the centerpiece of the Anaheim Ducks for a long time, using his formidable frame to best his opponents on open ice and in the duel. In NHL 19, the power forward boasts an 89 in faceoffs, 90 in poise, and 92 in balance and then, if he gets the puck back, Getzlaf boasts a rating of 90 for slap shot and wrist shot power. 

Jonathan Toews (Faceoff Score: 89.00)

Team: Chicago Blackhawks
Role: Two-Way Center
Age: 30
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 188cm
Weight: 91kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Poise 95, Stick Checking 93, Defensive Awareness 93

The Chicago Blackhawks captain is an almighty competitor in the faceoff circle and is able to contend with the best of centers in the NHL. With a massive 95 rating in poise, his 85 for faceoffs and 87 for balance make him a highly-rated faceoff center in NHL 19. 

Jordan Staal (Faceoff Score: 87.66) 

Team: Carolina Hurricanes
Role: Center
Age: 30
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 193cm
Weight: 100kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Defensive Awareness 90, Balance 90, Strength 89

One of the best two-way centers in the NHL, Jordan Staal continues to provide the Carolina Hurricanes with defensive strength when in the duel and off of the puck. In NHL 19, despite holding an overall rating of 83, Staal is formidable when the puck drops, with ratings of 90 for balance, 85 for poise, and a tidy 88 for faceoffs.

Ryan O’Reilly (Faceoff Score: 86.66)

Team: St. Louis Blues
Role: Center
Age: 27
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 185cm
Weight: 98kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Discipline 95, Stick Checking 90, Hand-Eye 89

The only player under the age of 30 to make the top five of this list, Ryan O’Reilly is destined to be a Selke Trophy winner when the old guard hangs up their skates. In fact, he set an NHL record for most faceoff wins in a single season in 2017/18 at 1274 wins, boasting a 60.0 win percentage while doing so. With an 87 for faceoffs, 85 for poise, and 88 for balance, O’Reilly is certainly a top faceoff center in NHL 19.

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