NHL 19: Best Deke Players

There’s nothing quite like pulling a deke and blazing past your opponent, leaving them humiliated in your wake. We have the top deke players in NHL 19.

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In NHL 19, one of the most satisfying moves to pull is the deke. It can send you past your opponent or foil the goaltender and result in you scoring a goal. To these forwards, deking is simply second-nature, making it so easy for you to best your foes with the puck on your stick. 

To make this list of best deke forwards in NHL 19, each had to have an attribute rating of at least 93 in deking, puck control, and agility. Then, they were given an average score across those three ratings to come up with a final deke score. These are the top deke players in NHL 19.


Connor McDavid (Deke Score: 96.33)

Team: Edmonton Oilers
Position: Center
Age: 21
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 185cm
Weight: 87kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Offensive Awareness 97, Acceleration 97, Agility 97

It makes sense that the best player on NHL 19 would also be among the best deking forwards. With a 95 for hand-eye, 96 for deking, and 96 for puck control, Connor McDavid is a deking machine. Couple his deking skills with his lightning speed and you have the ultimate weapon on the puck. 

Patrick Kane (Deke Score: 96.00)

Team: Chicago Blackhawks
Position: Right Wing
Age: 29
Nationality: American
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Deking 97, Hand-Eye 97, Puck Control 97

Patrick Kane is built for deking in NHL 19: two of his best stats are those considered for his final deke score. If not for his lacking but still quite lofty 94 in agility, the Blackhawks wing could eclipse the ever-dominant McDavid as the best deke player.

Johnny Gaudreau (Deke Score: 94.66)

Team: Calgary Flames
Position: Left Wing
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Height: 175cm
Weight: 71kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Deking 95, Puck Control 95, Discipline 95

Calgary’s speedy winger has been praised for his control of the puck at high speeds for many years now. In NHL 19, he comes in as one of the best deking forwards, racking in a 95 for deking, 95 for puck control, and 94 in agility. His 93 speed and 94 hand-eye help to make him a very hard player to dispossess. 


Sidney Crosby (Deke Score: 94.33)

Team: Pittsburgh Penguins
Position: Center
Age: 31
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 180cm
Weight: 91kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Poise 95, Offensive Awareness 95, Hand-Eye 95

When it comes to having a player on the puck, few people would choose anyone other than Sidney Crosby. The superstar boasts incredible technical ability which is mirrored in NHL 19 by his 95 puck control and 95 deking. Despite them saying that the NHL is becoming a young player’s game, Crosby’s 93 in agility at 31-years-old proves that class is ageless.

Evgeny Kuznetsov (Deke Score: 94.00)

Team: Washington Capitals
Position: Center
Age: 26
Nationality: Russian
Height: 188cm
Weight: 92kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Deking 95, Passing 94, Puck Control 94

People discussing the major factors behind the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup victory never fail to mention Evgeny Kuznetsov and his incredible playmaking ability. But, as great as the Russian is at passing the puck – for which he’s rated 94 in NHL 19 – he’s also great to have keep the puck. Deking is his strongest attribute at 95, with his agility not far behind at 93. 

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