NHL 21 Ratings: Roster Update #1 Introduces Rookies - Kaprizov, Sorokin, Romanov & more

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NHL 21 ratings have been massively expanded thanks to the first major roster update of 2021!

The new NHL 21 Roster Update introduces a new group of rookies after their first time on the ice in the league.


Let's go over the biggest new ratings announcements, and what we know so far about the first NHL 21 Roster Update of the new year.

NHL 21 Roster Update #1

NHL Roster Update #1 is now live in game, releasing on 21 January!

NHL 21 Roster Update 1 Ratings Rookies Kaprizov, Sorokin, Romanov
ALL OUT: These NHL rookies are ready to work in-game after their debut in NHL 21 Roster Update #1

This new NHL 21 update includes the following rookies being added to the game and assigned their first ratings.

Kirill Kaprizov - 83 OVR

The Minnesota Wild scored a massive prospect for the 2021 season by picking up Kirill Kaprizov.

NHL 21 Kaprizov Rating Roster Update
LEADER OF THE PACK: Kaprizov is a standout among rookies in NHL 21

Kaprizov has been coming up in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) as a member of CSKA Moscow, where he put up 62 points in his last 57-game season.

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To give respect to Kaprizov's pedigree entering the NHL, EA have given him his first NHL 21 rating of 83 OVR, the leader of the new rookies.

Ilya Sorokin - 80 OVR

Sorokin has followed a similar path to Kaprizov, and has now played his first minutes in goal for the New York Islanders this season.

NHL 21 Ratings Roster Update Sorokin
SHUTDOWN: Sorokin is the most talented of the new goalkeepers in NHL 21

Sorokin receives his first NHL 21 rating with an 80 OVR, a solid number Sorokin will have to work to keep up.

Alexander Romanov - 77 OVR

Alexander Romanov marks the third players that has put in work in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) to earn his place, picking up his first NHL minutes in 2021.

NHL 21 Ratings Roster Update #1 Alexander Romanov OVR
ALL AROUND: Romanov has a presence on offense and defense already

Romanov is a lockdown defender that has a bright future with the Montreal Canadiens, and could see an NHL 21 ratings increase shortly after Roster Update #1 after some solid showings so far.

K'Andre Miller - 77 OVR

K'Andre Miller is a young prospect with a bright future ahead of him, playing his first NHL minutes at just 21-years old fresh out of college.

NHL 21 Roster Update K'Andre Miller Rating
TO THE WOLVES: Miller is coming straight from college to the pros in his first NHL season

Miller may not be a massive difference maker just yet, but given time, he could be a key role player for the New York Rangers in the short-term future, and something even bigger beyond that.

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In the first NHL 21 Roster Update of 2021 - Miller has been given a 77 OVR rating.