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NHL 17 Hockey Ultimate Team: Solving synergy on HUT

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What is synergy?

Which synergies to pick?

Code Synergy Points Bonus Enhanced Stats Rating Team/Player
OJOffensive Juggernaut3+2Slap Shot Power, Slap Shot Accuracy, Off. Awareness, Strength5/5Player
NPNet Front Presence3+3Hand-Eye, Aggressiveness, Balance, Strength3/5Player
DDDirty Dangler4+3Deking, Hand-Eye, Puck Control5/5Player
PPPassing Playmaker4+3Passing, Poise, Off. Awareness5/5Player
WWWicked Wristers4+3Wrist Shot Accuracy, Wrist Shot Power4/5Player
SSpeedsters4+2Acceleration, Speed, Agility4/5Player
FMFaceoff Master4+4Poise, Faceoffs5/5Player
RFRelentless Forecheck4+3Acceleration, Endurance, Stick Checking, Body Checking4/5Player
DRDefensively Responsible4+3Stick Checking, Body Checking, Def. Awareness, Balance4/5Player
HHHeavy Hitter4+4Body Checking, Strength, Def. Awareness3/5Player
ISIron Shins4+4Def. Awareness, Shot Blocking, Durability3/5Player
CGCycle Game6+2Endurance, Agility, Puck Control, Passing3/5Team
TTTape to Tape6+3Passing, Off. Awareness, Poise4/5Team
SBTeam Shot Blocking6+4Agility, Balance, Shot Blocking, Durability3/5Team
TIt's A Trap6+3Stick Checking, Def. Awareness, Discipline4/5Team
1TOne-timer Efficiency8+3Hand-Eye, Passing, Off. Awareness, Slap Shot Power5/5Team
BLong Range Bombers8+3Slap Shot Power, Slap Shot Accuracy, Off. Awareness4/5Team
TWTeam Wheel8+3Acceleration, Agility, Speed4/5Team

Are there booster cards?

How do I know if the synergy is active?

Can I activate a synergy more than once?

To conclude

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