NHL 17: Goal celebration guide and tutorial

How to find, apply and use all of the new goal celebrations on NHL 17. 

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Accompanying the many new features that EA Sports have pulsed into NHL 17 is the plethora of new celebrations that can be done after scoring a goal. We’ll start off by telling you how to do all of the regular celebrations, then the 40 unique new ones, and how to use them in each game mode.

Basic NHL 17 Celebrations

These celebrations have been similar for the past couple of versions of EA Sports’ NHL. After scoring, you simply press one of the buttons on your controller and a set celebration will be done. So, for any of you new to the game, here are the celebrations attached to each button.

Xbox Button PS Button Movement Goal Celebration
A X Stand Still Arms Up, One Skate
A X Moving Belly Slide
A X Up to the Glass Rattle the Glass
B O Moving Pump Hands, Take Knee
X Square Moving Pretend to Break Stick on Knee
X Square Stand Still Floor Punch
Y Triangle Any Default Arms Up or Custom 
None None (If not the scorer) Towards the scorer Hug the goal scorer
RB R1 Any Floor Ice Scoop
LB L1 Any Kneeling, Flicking Wrist
RT R2 Any One Skate, Leg Swing
LT L2 Any One Skate, Flicking Wrist

New Celebrations to NHL 17

Here’s the part that most of you have come here to see. In NHL 17, there are 40 new celebrations that your skaters can perform. To enact any of these new celebrations, you simply have to press Y or Triangle once you have selected them to the player.

The video below shows all 40 new NHL 17 celebrations.



Our personal favourites are: #40 Teemu Selanne shotgun celebration, #34 The Worm, #3 Jose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays) bat flip, #13 John Scott All-Star ice scoop – we know he wasn’t the first to do it, but he defined the games with that celebration, and all of the others after that. Finally, giving in to the trend, #39 The Dab.

The other celebrations are:

#1 Archer
#2 Fish on the Line
#3 Jose Bautista bat flip
#4 Stick taming
#5 Phone pick-up
#6 Shooting down
#7 Belly slide
#8 Guitar
#9 Crazy Guitar
#10 Stick wrangling
#11 Stick footwork
#12 Superman
#13 John Scott All-Star ice scoop
#14 Hot ice
#15 Push ups
#16 Heavy bow
#17 Canoeing
#18 Knee slide and roll
#19 Royal guard
#20 Skate off
#21 Salute
#22 Hush
#23 Snow Angel
#24 Stick riding
#25 Power stance
#26 Grenade
#27 Stick throw
#28 Mad running
#29 Arm swirl
#30 Up the crowd
#31 Sniper
#32 Swimming
#33 Bow
#34 The Worm
#35 One-handed push up
#36 Head stand
#37 Jump
#38 Tusken Raider cheer
#39 The Dab
#40 Teemu Selanne shotgun

How to use the New Celebrations

NHL 17 Goal Celebrations The Dab

First of all, I’m sorry to say that none of these new celebrations can be used on Hockey Ultimate Team. They can however be attached to your created players and real life professional players.

If you go to Customize on the home menu, then Creation Zone, and then Create Player, you will see the option for Goal Celebration. In here you will see all 40 of the new celebrations. You can select one to go in place of the celebration already defaulted to the Y or Triangle button. However, this means that you can only have one of these new goal celebrations on any one player at a time.

You get this same Goal Celebration option when also creating your player for Be A Pro and EASHL, so your player can Dab after scoring, if you so choose.

For your Play Now, Season Mode, Playoff Mode and Franchise Mode games, you can also give each of the real life professional players their own celebrations. I know that I’ve always wanted to see Sidney Crosby hush the haters (goal celebration #22).

To do this, you go into Customize, from the home menu, then Rosters, Edit Player, and then select the player for whom you wish to change the celebration. Once you’ve done this, you go into Goal Celebration, pick a new celebration and that now becomes their celebration if you press Y or Triangle after they score a goal.

However, doing this doesn’t allow them to do the new celebrations on HUT, they are seemingly always stuck with the default celebration on the Y or Triangle button.

Now you know all the new ways to utilise the stack of goal celebrations on NHL 17. Be sure to check back to RealSport for more guides to the latest hockey game from EA Sports.

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