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New World Console Release Date: When Is It Coming to PlayStation & Xbox?

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New World is a huge new MMORPG on the way from Amazon's game studio. Promising a unique new perspective and some intriguing combat, there's a lot of reasons to jump in. That being said, if it stays on PC only, it could cut off the market for those who don't want to play on Mouse and Keyboard. Here's what we know about New World's potential console release date.

PC Release Date

The open beta has just finished, letting new players give it a go before its eventual launch. After some delays, the game will officially arrive on September 28th, 2021.

This leaves just a handful of weeks until you can play it for yourself. Now that the release date is so close, there won't be any other way to play it other than purchasing the game on release.


What is New World?

New World is an MMORPG where you discover, as the name suggests, a new world filled with magic and archaic designs. You can take up staffs, blades or guns to fight the power at its source.

You can compete with other players in all-out battles or work together to take on The Corrupted, its signature foe. With tonnes of planned updates and a bright future ahead of it, this is sure to be an interesting game.

Fortunately, if you didn't get to try the beta, your progress isn't saved over, letting all players start in a similar place. This is displaced somewhat by the preorder bonuses.

Is New World Coming to Console?

Over on the game's FAQ section, it says:

Will it only be on PC?
New World will only be available on PC

This being said, if the game is hit, it could always arrive, a year or two from now. This question is only asking about the release of the game, not its future. Hopefully, it's good enough to justify the port.