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New World launch delayed following hugely successful Closed Beta

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Amazon's MMO, New World, has made a huge impression on those that managed to participate in the Closed Beta. It was easily one of the most popular titles on both Twitch and Steam during this period and we can't wait to see what the full release has on offer. Thankfully... Amazon Games has some answers...

UPDATE - New World delayed, again

It was a bit of an inevitability at this point, but New World has been delayed. In a message to fans, the development team said the following...

" We are humbled by the support New World received from players around the world throughout Closed Beta... The passion and enthusiasm you've shown for New World validates the work we've put in over the past year, improving the game based on your feedback."
" Along the way, you've also given us a ton of feedback that we'll use to make New World even better. We want New World's launch to be a smooth and fun experience for all players and that means making some improvements based on what you encountered during Closed Beta. So we're going to take a few extra weeks to smash bugs, improve stability, and polish the game. New World's global launch date is September 28, 2021."
" This was not an easy decision to make... We want to be sure we deliver you the highest quality game possible at launch. "

New World Closed Beta Has Ended


The New World Closed Beta has now ended, following the end time being up in the air a little bit.

The developers confirmed that the New World closed beta will end on August 2, but didn't explicitly say what time on that day.

However, it has now been confirmed that the beta period is over. The servers went offline at midnight PST on August 3/8am BST, so it was extended a little more than expected in some regions.

If you wanted to jump back in, you unfortunately cannot now, so you'll have to wait for the full game to release.

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New World Release Date


Amazon's New World will finally launch for PC platforms on August 31.

Somewhat surprisingly, the game has proven to be pretty popular in beta.

It hit over 200,000 concurrent players towards the start of its beta period, which is a good sign going into the full release. We'll have more on the game once it launches.