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New Valorant Esports Game Mode Announced

Valorant has made some pretty huge steps over the last few years. Securing itself as one of the biggest shooters in the world, it's starting to get even more involved in the competitive scene. Here's what we know about the newly announced Valorant Esports game mode so far.

New Valorant Esports Game Mode

Today, it has been announced that a new Esports focused game mode is coming to Valorant. It doesn't have a name or release date yet but is planned alongside a seasonal approach to 2023 so it will likely arrive near the start of then. This being said, we could it a little sooner to prep for a much more competitive year of Valorant.

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In this, they have said:

"A new competitive in-game mode accessible to every player directly within the VALORANT client designed to identify the best talent worldwide. This mode will act as a supplement to the existing leaderboards, providing players with a new goal above ranked play that integrates into the esports ecosystem."

The Future of Valorant

This is perhaps a little more exciting for what it means for the future of Valorant. The other day, a Valorant Esports tournament in Northern Europe was announced and 2023 has plenty of plans to go even further. It seems like Valorant is trying to further cement itself in the professional scene.

In doing so, the game mode will open up competitive play to more casual players. It seems like they're trying to make the Valorant Esports community much more accessible to outside viewers. Hopefully, moving into 2023, we will see far more tournaments and modes in the game and community. If you're looking to play Valorant competitively, this is the perfect time to do so. If any more information comes out, we will update you right here.

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