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Splitgate Update September 27 - Early patch notes and release time info

Splitgate released Season 0 just last month and the team are already gearing up for the future of the game.

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The most recent update comes with toggleable mantles, alongside a tonne of technical changes. This is just the start of where the game will go over the next year. Here's what we know about it

Latest - Update now live

The update is finally live, after weeks of little teases and announcements.


You can get in there right now to test it out for yourself.

Splitgate Update - September 27

In a surprise tweet from the official Splitgate Twitter account, they announced we would see a brand new update.


It arrived on September 27th, Monday. We didn't know the exact time it would launch but the Twitter surprised players by not saying until it launched.

Early Patch Notes


This is a really interesting update as it adds tonnes of features fans have been after for some time. The most noticeable in there is a fully-fledged mantle ability. Giving players the ability to grab ledges makes traversal even smoother.

Outside of this, we can see some technical changes like UI customization and better hill visibility in modes like King of the Hill and Domination. It is now also compatible with Nvidia Reflex. This is great for the future of the game

When is Season 1?

Season 0 started during Gamescom Opening Night Live in August and has kept players entertained ever since with new modes and brand new challenges. This being said, all of the countdowns in the challenged page point to the fact that Season 0 should be ending in the middle of November.

The team at Splitgate has just received $100m in funding so they won't want to slow players down any team soon. For this reason, we're expecting the launch of Season 1 around the end of November / the start of December.