New Pokemon Snap course guide and how to unlock them

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New Pokemon Snap has finally arrived, the game that many fans have been hoping would happen for 20 years.

The last entry in the Pokemon Snap series was on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999, so it has been a while.

Now it is 2021 and the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for a new game, being able to utilize the console's motion controls to act as a camera.

Here are all of the courses that are available in New Pokemon Snap.

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New Pokemon Snap Course Guide

Here are all of the courses that are in New Pokemon Snap.

Some are unlocked through natural progression, while others require certain requirements to be met.

Park (Day)

This is the first course you play when you start the game.

Park (Night)

  • Complete two excursions to Park (Day)

Florio Island Illumina Spot

  • This will unlock after completing the Night excursion.

Jungle (Day)

  • Complete Floria Island Illumina Spot

Jungle (Night)

  • Complete Jungle (Day)

Beach (Day)

  • Complete Jungle (Night)

Beach (Night)

  • Reach Research Level 2 on Snowfields (Night)

Reef (Day)

  • Reach Level 2 on Beach (Day)

Reef (Evening)

  • Complete Aurus Island Illumina Spot


  • Reach Level 2 on Reef (Day)

Maricopia Islands Illumina Spot

  • Find secret path further underwater in Undersea


  • Reach Research Level 2 in Volcano

Belusylva Island Illumina Spot

  • Reach Research Level 2 in Forest

Sands (Day)

  • Complete Jungle (Night)

Sands (Night)

  • Complete Sands (Day)


  • Complete Snowfields (Night) after taking a picture of the Illumina Orb

Durice Island Illumina Spot

  • Reach Research Level 2 in Cave


  • Complete Durice Island Illumina Spot

Aurus Island Illumina Spot

  • Light all the flowers inside the ruins

Research Camp

  • Reach Research Level 1 in Illumina Spot (Fireflow Volcano)

Will We See Future Courses Added?

While it is possible that we could see DLC and more courses and Pokemon, it is extremely unlikely.

Pokemon Sword and Shield was the first game that added DLC to the game with two expansions, but being a side game there is a good chance we won't see any new additions to the game, but it would be great to see.


Check out the latest New Pokemon Snap trailer here.