NEW Need for Speed could be Current-Gen Only

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Need for Speed has now been going for almost three decades and, in that time, they've managed to adapt and change alongside the gaming market. One of the most important shifts is when you should leave behind the last generation. According to a recent rumour, that could happen this year.

Is Need for Speed Current-Gen Only?

As reported by Jeff Grubb on his Giant Bomb show Grubb Snax and then transcribed by VGC, Need for Speed is only planned for the current generation. This could mean that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were holding back what the team were capable of delivering.

The last Need for Speed game was Need for Speed: Heat in 2019 so this has been in development for at least three years. In this report, Jeff Grubb also stated that the game was still planned to release this year though we haven't seen any confirmation of this.

If the team plan on putting it out this year, it seems likely we will see news over the coming months.


Will the next Need for Speed be on Nintendo Switch or PC?

As far as these two questions, we don't really know. If they are skipping the last generation, it seems unlikely we will see a fully-fledged Nintendo Switch port. This being said, we could see a cloud streaming solution like that done with Kingdom Hearts.

A PC release seems much more likely than a Nintendo Switch one. You can currently buy the last Need for Speed game on both Steam and the EA store. With EA titles coming to Steam and there being a bigger push for a PC fanbase, it would make sense to launch this on PC. This being said, it could always have a staggered launch. We'll update you here if we get any confirmation either way.