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A New Halo Game Is in Development At Microsoft

Halo Infinite isn't even out yet and rumours are swirling about the next new Halo game to come from Microsoft and 343 Industries.

This isn't completely unprovoked, though, as a Microsoft job listing has seemingly provided early confirmation that the Halo franchise will live on beyond Halo Infinite.

This wasn't exactly in question, though. Here's everything we know.

Halo Job Listing

Where did all these rumours start? Well, they actually came from Microsoft themselves!

Below, you can see how Twitter user _XboxNews reported it and the actual job listing underneath.

The listing is for a producer and, as you would expect, goes into vague details about what the role might entail.


Unfortunately, there's not a lot else to get from the listing other than that a new Halo game is coming from 343 Industries.

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Notably, it does mention that the applicant must "have experience shipping AAA current generation games". This would suggest that the next Halo game will be a big one.

At this point, it's hard to call them rumours but with nothing officially confirmed, the future of any Halo game beyond Halo Infinite is uncertain.

Halo Wars 3?

Aside from the main franchise of first-person shooters, the only other Halo games out there are Halo Wars and Spartan Assault.

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Although we would all totally love a new twin-stick mobile shooter, it's hard to talk about a new Halo game and not get excited about Halo Wars and the possibility of a third title.

New Halo Game Infinite Craig
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CRAIG SIM - Maybe, just maybe, Craig will live on past this appearance?

The job listing that mentions a new Halo game does specify AAA experience, but this doesn't mean it can't be applied to a smaller title.

What would you like to see Halo do next? After the success of Gears Tactics, a smaller-scale Halo strategy game could and would be incredible.

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