NBA 2K17: Best Defensive Plays Guide

We cover the top tips for defense in our NBA 2K17 guide.

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We are back at it again with some more NBA 2K17 breakdowns. In the last post, we discussed ways to run a more efficient offense in the game for easy buckets.

Unfortunately, many other players know how to implement these strategies so score easily so winning is going to come by way of defense.

Many players have commented on the lack of computer AI in this game when it comes to help defense. This is especially true when an offense runs any sort of pick-and-roll strategy effectively. Quite often, you will notice a third defender comes swarming in from across the court to pick up a man. This will often leave a wide up shooter or cutter.

Players can try to play with the help of settings in game to fix that, but another strategy that may have some success is to try using some defensive plays.


Apply Pressure

When playing man defense, players will have a couple of options to put pressure on the ball handler. For starters, players need to become familiar with the right joystick as a means of contesting dribble moves, passing lanes and stealing the ball.

To apply “Intense D”, use the L2 button on Playstation 4 or the LT button on Xbox One. Players can also steal the ball with the square button on Playstation 4 or X button on Xbox One. The triangle button on Playstation 4 and Y button on Xbox One can be used to contest or block shots.

If you really need to force turnovers, try using a double team strategy. Holding the L1 button on Playstation 4 or the LB button on Xbox One will call over a teammate to apply pressure on the ball handler from two defenders.

If none of these on-ball tactics work, players can use the same double team button to also implement defensive strategies in the game. Instead of holding the button for the double team, try tapping the same double team button mentioned above.


Defensive Switches

There are certain defensive settings you can toggle to help with computer controlled defensive assists. Also, try switching to off-ball teammates and shift them in to a position where they can better defend, such as in the paint or away from a screener.

Players should try adjusting the “switch” rules to determine what you want your computer-controlled teammates to do when they get picks set on them in games. The best “switch” rules will vary depending on the players play style and each player will want to try different settings out to see which one they like best. The other option is that the player can switch manually to a defender they want and slide them to a place where they can help defend against a pick and roll.

Placing your players in a position to not get picked off or get back in the paint to defend against the roller will help tremendously. While players the settings to change how a computer-controlled player reacts to a pick, sometimes simply changing players and backing them away from the pick can be a better option.

Overall, implementing these defensive options in to your repertoire will make you a more dangerous threat when playing against the computer or friends alike. Getting familiar with certain teams and players will make you even more deadly when adjusting their defensive abilities. Just about any NBA 2K17 player will agree that the defense in this game is pretty busted and only through player manipulation will the defensive system work properly.

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