MultiVersus: How to Unlock and Play Ranked Mode

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With Player First Games' popular platform fighter Multiversus now fully into its open beta, players worldwide are getting to grips with the different characters. They are clamouring for a new way to test themselves like a Ranked Mode.

An essential part of the modern fighting game's DNA, Ranked Mode separates the hardcore players from the casual fans with thousands of hours dedicated to being the best in the world and Multiversus has one on the way. Here's what we know about it.

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How to Unlock The Multiversus Ranked Mode

After the launch of Multiversus Season 1 was delayed from its initial date of Monday, 8th August 2022, the fighting game made an appearance at Evo 2022 to announce the content that we can expect to find over the course of the upcoming season including the new Ranked Mode.


What we don't know right now, however, is when that season will launch and when the Ranked mode will launch during it.

A tweet from Multiversus Game Director Tony Huynh clarified that all of the content specified will be coming out across the season, meaning that Ranked Mode will likely not be joining the game as soon as the season drops. Hopefully, a date will be clarified soon.


How To Play the Ranked Mode in Multiversus

With Multiversus currently having no official release date for the ranked mode, it is unclear how it will become unlockable once it is implemented.

While the mode could be made available to everyone as soon as it is launched, it's more likely that there will be some sort of barrier that players need to cross before getting access to the mode.

Multiversus is getting more competitive with a Ranked Mode
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An in-game level requirement is the most likely to occur, with a series of placement matches available to participate in after the mode is finally available. Once these matches are complete, you will be given a rank which will either increase or decrease based on your continued performance.