Can you play Monster Hunter Rise solo?

Monster Hunter Rise launches as a Nintendo Switch exclusive this week, but it's important to know whether you're limited to playing multiplayer or whether you can play the game solo.

The multiplayer features, both online and local, are what a lot of players will dive into, but they won't be for everyone.

Can You Play Monster Hunter Rise Solo?

Thankfully, yes, you can play Monster Hunter Rise solo.

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As Capcom said in an interview with IGN, "instead of blending everything together for solo play and co-op like in World, there will be separate single-player and multiplayer quests similar to prior Monster Hunter games."


From the main menu of the game, you'll be able to select either Play Solo or Multiplayer, which will bring you to different quests.

Multiplayer will prompt you to create or join a lobby, at which point you'll join up to three other friends and head out to look for monsters.

Hunts will also scale depending on how many players are part of a squad, so that playing with others isn't significantly easier than playing alone.

Solo Quests

While playing with friends is probably the most enjoyable way to play Monster Hunter Rise, you can play single-player if you'd like.

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Selecting solo from the main menu of the game will allow you to choose from the list of hunts available to you before choosing your gear and getting prepared at your camp.

Since the solo and multiplayer quests are separate, you'll need to find some friends if you want to see absolutely everything that Monster Hunter Rise has to offer.

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