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How to play with friends in Monster Hunter Rise

Releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is at its best when you're hunting for monsters with friends alongside you in multiplayer.

If you're wanting to jump in yourself with friends, we've got a breakdown of exactly how to do that.

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How to Play With Friends in Monster Hunter Rise

Once you've started the game and spoken to Senri the Mailman at the village hub, you can speak to him whenever you'd like to set up a multiplayer lobby.

Lobbies is how all the multiplayer functionalities work in the game, so you'll need to head here whether you're playing online or off.

Online Multiplayer With Friends

Select 'Play Online' from the next section of the Monster Hunter Rise menu and you'll be asked whether you want to Find a Lobby, Create a Lobby, or Search by Lobby ID.

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Finding a lobby and setting the language parameters, will let you look through the list of open lobbies that you can jump into. These will likely not be with friends.

Play with friends in Monster Hunter Rise
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Searching for Multiplayer Lobbies

You can instead create a lobby, setting up a passcode for it, and then send it to your friends so that they can look for it via the Search Lobby ID setting.

Once you've set up the lobby for your friends to join, you'll be able to set the parameters and choose what hunt you want to head out on.

As we said, you can also search for a lobby using an ID code.

If your friend has set one up, you can get them to send the code to you so that you can type it in and quickly join their multiplayer game.


Local Multiplayer With Friends

While there is no splitscreen multiplayer, you can play locally with friends or family.

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You can either Create a Lobby as you would for online, or select Find Lobby to look for multiplayer games on your network.

play with friends Monster Hunter Rise
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Looking for a Local Lobby

Find one and you'll be able to jump in quickly.

That's how simple it is to play with friends in Monster Hunter Rise.

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