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How long Monster Hunter Rise takes to beat

Monster Hunter Rise is out on Nintendo Switch this week, with quests to go on for both solo and multiplayer players. How long will the game take to beat, though?

It's something that's good to know before you start a game like Monster Hunter Rise because it gives you an idea of how many monsters you've got left and how you're progressing.

How Long Monster Hunter Rise Takes to Beat

Just as the previous games in the long running series have been, Monster Hunter Rise is a pretty lengthy game.

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In an interview with some developers at Capcom, Arekkz learned how long the campaign is expected to take.

Apparently, it will take between 20 and 30 hours to complete the main story of Monster Hunter Rise, but that's not the end of everything there is to say.


Since the solo and multiplayer components of the game are separate and you're able to play each hunt again and again to perform better and use different builds, it could take longer than the advertised 20-30 hours.

Also, it will depend how seasoned you are with Monster Hunter games.

If you're quite new, you'll likely struggle early on and will have to get to grips with all the mechanics, seeing you take longer to beat the game as a result.

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Also, if you're someone who loves the grind, making sure you're as prepared as can be for each hunt, you'll also spend a lot of time searching the world for stuff to hoard away.

Therefore, it's entirely possible that you'll spend many more than the 20-30 hours Capcom say it takes to beat the main story of Monster Hunter Rise.

When World was the talk of the town a few years ago, players were spending upwards of 100 hours playing to unlock and finish everything.

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