Mobile Legends Transformers skins will arrive across a huge event

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang finally revealed everything we need to know for the upcoming MLBB x Transformers crossover!

Players will have the chance to be their favorite iconic Cybertron heroes from the Transformers franchise in Mobile Legends; Bumblebee, Megatron and Optimus Prime.

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Mobile Legends players can look forward to this, along with several other rewards like avatar borders, emotes, and elimination effects.

Release Date

The event will start on August 24th, with a first phase lasting until August 31st with equal drop rates for every skin.

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Three skins will be released: Johnson as Optimus Prime, Xborg as Bumblebee, and Granger as Megatron.

In order to obtain a skin, players need to collect spray parts. Six spray parts are necessary to exchange for each Transformer cosmetics.

Three additional phases will be launched from September to November, with increased drop rate of spray parts for each Transformer!

  • Second phase (August 31st to September 27th) – increased drop rate for Bumblebee Spray
  • Third phase (September 28th to October 25th) – increased drop rate for Megatron Spray
  • Fourth phase (October 26th to November 11th) – increased drop rate for Optimus Prime Spray

Support Your Faction Event

Mobile Legends will have to choose sides: Autobots or Decepticons. The faction with more supporters will obtain Avatars and emotes inspired in the Transformers franchise. This event will run from August 24th to September 12th.

Mobile Legends x Transformer Browser Event


The event is already taking place and will finish on the 24th of August, the same day that the Patch 1.6.10 will be live and the Transformers skins will be released.

In this web event, players have to collect Energon Crystals; completing tasks, for the opportunity to get Tesla Maniac, Xborg Epic skin, Johnson Fire fighter, and Granger Doomsday Terminator.

Mobile Legends 1.6.10 Patch Notes

The new patch will introduce:

  • New hero Aulus
  • Kimmy revamp
  • Mythic Battlefield: system that will adjust difficulty according to the level of the players)
  • Changes to Arena Mode
  • New commander for Magic Chest: Gourmand Demon
  • Magic Chest board and skin of Optimus Prime
  • Hero Balance

Moonton also announced a new Miya skin and the new support Florin for free, as part of their 5th anniversary. We will share more details as they are released in the upcoming days.