Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus will soon kick off

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Mobile Legends events are always something to look forward to, and one is just around the corner with the return of Survival: Nexus!

Its previous run last March introduced players to new hero, Beatrix. Also known as the Dawnbreak Soldier, the marksman who can flexibly switch between various weapons according to different situations briefed us about the event.


Here's what we know about the return of Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus on July 2nd.

Latest - New Skins Revealed for July

Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus will return today, Friday, July 2nd, to shake things up once more!

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Along with the event, players can also check out a ton of new content coming to Mobile Legends in July, including plenty of new skins, and even a Star Wars crossover!

Mobile Legends new Marksman Beatrix

Debuting last March 19th, Beatrix's motto is probably "a girl can't have too many guns". The pink-haired, shooter-toting character looks sweet at first glance but don't let that fool you.

She owns and can switch between four--yes, you read it right, four different guns. The Renner, Benett, Wesker, and Nibiru.

  • Renner (green): For Longshot - Fire a robust shot in the opponent's current direction, dealing 225 (+450% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the initial target hit. Note that this shot can be avoided, or blocked by others.
  • Benett (red): For Area Bombing - Beatrix centers her range and has Bennett rain down a pelting in a selected area for 5 times. Each bombardment decelerates the target by 30% and deals 685 / 855 / 1025 (+240% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies in that area and slowing them by 30% for 0.5s
  • Wesker (yellow): For Proximity Advantage - Fire 5 shots at the prey, with each one dealing 75 (+150% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Damage to targets hit several times decays to 60%.
  • Nibiru (purple): For Rapid Fire - Unleash a a volley of 4 shots, with each one dealing 26 (+52% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus Revamp

What's new from Moonton's highly-downloaded game, you ask?

  • Bigger map - Now with a bigger and better map for players to explore, which can handle up to nearly 100 players to battle it out without feeling crammed.
  • Adjusted vehicles - Fuel your need for speed! Players now have the option to access and drive vehicles straight from the map, as opposed to depending on the battlefield skill.
  • Optimized matchmaking - Moonton has expressed that matchmaking for their players is one of their utmost priorities, the update promises a more balanced and efficient matching process. We'll take their word for it and see.