Mobile Legends: Top 5 New Heroes In Advanced Server

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The Mobile Legends advanced server has been busy lately. There's several characters waiting for their turn to be officially released. Also, there's revamps of classic high tier characters as part of Project Next and brand new incursions coming as well.

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We have enough to make our own Top 5 for upcoming heroes that are available on the advanced server. Here's how you can make better use of your diamonds and battle points by choosing the best and most interesting new Mobile Legends heroes.

Revamped Lancelot

This character was already a very proficient assassin and reliable jungler. Nonetheless, his kit was untouched for several years, with only small adjustments.

Character page for Aulus, an upcoming new hero in Mobile Legends
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MEET AULUS: The owner of War Axe

They only changed his first skill but that seems to be enough for buffing him to a higher tier. Lancelot's first is a dash that etched a sword mark, if next target doesn't have a mark the cooldown of the skill will reset.

In other words, he can spam his first skill as many times, as long as he hits an enemy or jungle monsters without a mark. Before, he marks every enemy it hits, now it's only the first one. Thus, giving the chances to spam his first skill more times.


Aulus is a new axe wielder for Mobile Legends. He is a fighter with high mobility, and abilities enhancing his dmg and range. His passive gives more physical attack and range with every basic attack (up to 8 stacks).

A before and after comparison of hero Kagura in Mobile Legends
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KAGURA REVAMPED: Moonton made changes in the Onmyouji Master's skills
  • His first skill gives him extra speed and dmg reduction to slow down enemies.
  • Second provides him extra speed attack; regenerates HP
  • His ultimate: smash the ground, hitting enemies in his path. This skill will receive an extra attribute every time it levels up.

He will be a free hero to commemorate the game anniversary. He was scary for the way his damage escalated. However, his ultimate was nerfed and his kit seems predictable.

Revamped Kagura

This was a tough decision. She could occupy a higher position for being a fan favorite. So with revamping her, Moonton is taking a big risk with changing her skills.

A mage that require sa lot of practice but once mastered, she can evaporate enemies. With a solid early game, she is known to be the best ADC's counter in late game.


The changes will be controversial; they added range, speed , and radius to her umbrella. Now, she will make less damage.

However, her ultimate has changed. The umbrella does not spread its effects with a beam, but now affects enemies in the AoE area. There's shorter waiting time for the second part in half, less slow down effect and damage increase.

Her game style feels the same. Extra damage and radius are good; less crowd control but more damage capability. She is easier to use now, but her skill combo has changed and that may open a window for your scared enemies to escape.


The brother of Gusion is coming to The Land of Dawn. He is an assassin that is granted invisibility with every skill and can't be targeted while invisible. He will speed up as well.

As an assassin, he has low HP and no crowd control. Even though, he can show at the back of squishy heroes, he has enough time to secure the kill and disappear again.

Historically, heroes with invisibility and immunity like Helcurt and Natalia are overpowered in Mobile Legends--to the point they were always banned until they have been nerfed to oblivion.

If he does not receive a major nerf before launching in the original server, this hero will be very dangerous but possibly permanently banned in rank games.



Floryn is the latest support hero, and she looks amazing. As the first hero with a global skill, it doesn't matter where she is in the map. She can cast her ultimate and heal her allies while dealing damage to nearby enemies through her team.

Her second ability can heal and stun enemies, while her first skill will spread damage among enemies and heal allies at the same time.

Also, her passive will give an extra item to one of her allies. This item provides 5% Cooldown reduction, +40 Magic Damage, 10% movement speed. This will allow you to carry 7 items against the 6 of every opponent.