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Minesweeper - Play Free Online, How to Play & More

Is there any game that invokes and feeling of nostalgia more than Minesweeper? It was a major part of any gamers growing up when Windows 95, 98 and beyond. It was this free little program that came pre-installed and everyone tried it at least once.

That being said, did you ever learn how to play properly or about where the origins of the game come from? If not, we've got everything you need to know right here...

How to Play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game about avoiding mines using numerical patterns. The first move in a game is always pot-luck and gives you information to play with.

minesweeper screenshot
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A typical Minesweeper game in progress

The goal is to 'flag' all of the mines on the map while revealing the safe spaces until there are only mines left. Once you are left with just mines on the map, and they have been flagged, you win! Click on a mine at any point, however, and you lose.

Where to Play Minesweeper

There are various versions of Minesweeper available to play online, all of which should be entirely free. The best version that requires very little messing around and is nice and simple to get going with it the one built into Google.

It's the first result that pops up when searching for the game in the popular search engine and we think it's also the best. It comes with a few difficulties to choose from so unless you're looking for an ungodly challenge, this is the one to play.

As standard, there are three difficulties; Easy, Medium and Hard. The difference between the three comes down to the size of the grid you're playing in. Easy is 9x9, Medium is 16x16 and Hard is 30x16.

Origins of Minesweeper

While many believe Minesweeper is a game only created when personal computers became the norm, the game has actually been around since the 60s when much larger machines would run versions of the game.

It came in a few different forms, few are similar to the game we know today, but it has grown and developed over time with its peak being the late 90s to early 2000s.

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