Microsoft Flight Simulator: Closed Beta Update - Release Date, Development, Alpha, Screenshots & More

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Microsoft Flight Simulator's Alpha Build released in mid-April, and along with it came news of new features and bug fixes.

We’ve seen Microsoft consistently update the community with their plans and the development of the game.

The upcoming Flight Simulator is expected to set new standards of ultra-realism, but luckily Microsoft has had some practice at producing these simulators.


A 'Development Roadmap' has just been released, with some news of the closed beta's start date amongst some other details.

Continue below for all of the useful information we found.

Closed Beta

The 'Development Roadmap' slates the Alpha build to go up to its fifth version in June.

mfs beta update development roadmap
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KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD: The dev team has no intention of slowing down progress on the simulator


Other details included in the publication were that the closed beta is scheduled to start in mid-July.

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No other information was given on the closed beta, but we will be back with an update once new information is revealed.

Feedback Snapshot

A new 'Feedback Snapshot' was also uploaded with the main site update.

mfs beta feedback snapshot
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TRANSPARENCY: This way, the community will know exactly what the dev team is aiming to overcome

This is yet another way that Microsoft has chosen to keep the community in the loop.

Latest Screenshots

Some new screenshots were included in the update, as well as a couple of videos showing a time-lapse of a stormy flight.


REALISM: The simulator will allegedly include “an accurate climate change model”

The screenshot was captured by user WhiteLight506 and features a third-person shot of the plane over a peaceful landscape.

The realism in the plane model is on full display in this shot.

microsoft flight sim snowy screenshot
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CRISPY VISUALS: The dev team has done an excellent job in accurately depicting different weather scenarios

Captured by Tomlaut1980, the screenshot above showcases a snowy landscape and a colourful aircraft.

There's a view of distant mountains and fog in the background.