Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta: Release Date, Invites, Trailer, Latest News & More

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It's official, we will soon be entering the Microsoft Flight Simulator closed beta.

The first alpha build for the game started in October, and Microsoft and Asobo have graced us with more and more content each week ever since.


We've finally reached the end of the alpha stage however, and it's time to look back on what we know so far.

Release Date

Thanks to this week's dev update, we've officially gotten a release date for the Closed Beta, which will begin on Thursday, 30 July.

mfs development roadmap

ON TRACK: If only all developers could stick to a schedule like this lot!

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The Closed Beta will give out invites to all alpha testers, but that's not all.

Beta Invites

The first wave of Closed Beta invites went out on 23 July, and more will be sent out before the beta's release day Thursday, 30 July.

microsoft flight simulator city cockpit

MULTIPLAYER: You'll be able to fly across the globe with friends!

So if you haven't gotten your invite yet, don't fret!

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To maximize your chances, you'll want to sign up to the Insider Program if you want to participate.



The trailer above was revealed at Xbox’s flagship event in London in late November 2019.

It shows off some glorious graphics, as well as various world landmarks and aircraft to get excited about.


We will be back with more information on the closed beta build as we receive it!

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