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24 Apr 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator: April Update - New Alpha Build Release, Access, Tailored Experience & More!

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How to Play

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Tailored Experience

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Bug Fixes

The Alpha Build for Microsoft Flight Simulator has just released, and along with it, comes some new features and bug fixes.

We’ve seen Microsoft consistently update the players and fans as to what they plan to fix.

This should allow players to now give Microsoft some necessary testing and feedback to further improve the Flight Simulator experience.

This will also allow out of house developers who use the SDK
to get improved feedback on the simulator and make improvements where

How to Play

Alpha invitations are starting to roll out with the new update after a brief pause in participation assessment.

flight sim alpha access

IMMERSION TO THE MAX - This Simulator should be the most realistic to date, with amazing lighting and detail!

To begin with, they will be ensuring that everyone who received
an acceptance email will have access very shortly.

Then, Microsoft will focus on adding more players to the
Alpha experience.

This will also involve prioritising access for those that registered
early for pre-release build access.

However, this is ongoing and will take a while to ensure
everyone has access to the current build of the simulator.

Tailored Experience

With more people testing the simulator, Microsoft will have much more data to make improvements from.

flight simulaotr tailored experience

WHEREVER, WHENEVER - Travel the globe at your own pace, with no barriers or restrictions!

Overall, this will increase the overall quality of the game with more help from the community as bug fixes and issues can be discovered and ironed out more efficiently.

People who have a genuine interest in the content in the Sim can have a massive effect on the game’s development and shows the Microsoft are keen to ensure the release will be as smooth as possible.

Bug Fixes

Microsoft has also been working hard to iron out many big fixes currently present in the game.

flight simulator bug fixes

PLAY YOUR WAY - Whether you prefer Cruise Liners or a Personal Jet, you can choose how you play!

This will both improve the overall quality of the game and add more optimisation, so it will be more accessible to those wishing to test the game.

These issues are things
like FPS drops and broken objective markers, that can hinder the progression of
someone playing the game.