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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Beta - Release Date, Alpha, Download & more

One for purists, Microsoft Flight Simulator is bound to be one of the most realistic games of the year.

The game has been in development for some time, using "Insiders" to fine-tune.

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So when can we get some access to it with a Beta?

Beta Release Date

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still in Alpha, but the Beta is expected to arrive in mid-July.

flight simulator development roadmap min
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PLOTTING COURSE - We have a rough idea of when news is dropping

Logging in to the Flight Sim site can keep you tuned with all the updates.


Will the Beta be open?

It looks as if this will be a Closed Beta, likely only available to those who are Flight Sim "Insiders."

You can apply on the website, with favourable odds for those currently in piloting training.

New invitations are sent out in line with the Alpha Updates.

Alpha Update

This is what appeared in Alpha Build on 14 May 2020:

  • New content – BOEING 747-8i
  • Plane specific changes/improvements to:
    • A320
    • TBM 930
    • G58
    • DA62
    • DR400
    • C152
    • Xcub
    • C172 G1000
  • Ice no longer remains on any aircraft once conditions outside are no longer freezing / icing
  • Scale of G1000 (VFR) map is addressed

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  • Increasing pitch oscillations leading to crash or stall of plane on autopilot no longer occur
  • Airport Specific Changes
    • Taxiways logic and visuals
    • Surface types on airports runways, taxiways and aprons (First Pass)
    • Aircrafts parking spots
    • Ground markings on taxiways and aprons
    • Other minor visual improvements
    • All of this is based on Bing Aerial imagery
    • Many airports had missing or floating features that are now corrected
    • MRSN Sirena Station Airport crashes are now fixed
    • Missing ATC instruction has been corrected
    • EGLL – Star Arrivals were missing in the world map

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  • Stability
    • Several Crashes and fixes
    • Game no longer crashes when placing external panel out of screen
    • Loading into MRSN Sirena Station Airport no longer results in crashes
    • Processes no longer remain running in background after exiting / closing
    • Memory use and fps improvements
  • ATC
    • ATC now does a better job accounting for the flow of live traffic when issuing user their take-off / landing clearances
    • COM1 no longer defaults to 122.9 at start of each flight regardless of departure airport

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  • Cameras
    • Behaviour of External Quickview Left / Right has been simplified
  • Flight Model
    • Several Aircraft now feel better to fly when using FSX flight model (see specific planes for updates)
  • Multiplayer
    • Users are no longer instantly kicked from a group as soon as it is created.
    • Issue with some group members not being visible while in gameplay is resolved
  • Peripherals

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