NBA player suspended for shouting slur during stream

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Miami Heat Center Meyers Leonard has been suspended and fined after the NBA's investigation into an incident where Leonard said a slur while streaming Call of Duty.

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Here's what we know so far.

Meyers Leonard Shouts Slur During COD Stream


On Tuesday, a clip from Meyers Leonard's Twitch stream (playing Call of Duty) circulated the internet after Leonard shouted a slur when complaining about players sniping him.

The clip in question can be seen below.

WARNING - The incident includes an anti-Semitic slur

NBA Response


The NBA has fined Leonard $50,000 for the incident, the maximum allowed by NBA policy, and suspended him for a week from team activities. Leonard must also complete a mandatory cultural diversity program, after speaking with the Anti-Defamation League.

Leonard would also lose game payments to the tune of $324,000 during this suspension if it weren't for the fact that he's been on injured reserve since January.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver came out to condemn the actions of Leonard, stating - "Meyers Leonard's comment was inexcusable and hurtful and such an offensive term has no place in the NBA or in our society."

What's Next?

Some of the Miami Heat's most influential figures, including coach Erik Spoelstra, have also come out to speak on the incident.

From the response, it's likely that Meyers Leonard will not be a part of the Miami Heat after the upcoming NBA offseason, where the Heat hold a Team option for Leonard's contract.

This Team option means that it's the Heat that decides whether Leonard is picked back up heading into next season, and that's looking more doubtful by the day.

Stay tuned here as we update the story with the latest details as they come.

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