Metal: Hellsinger - Release Date, Gameplay & Featured Artists

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metal hellsinger key art
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Metal: Hellsinger is a game that will demand your attention the second you see it in action. While some may steer clear of it due to its heavy metal soundtrack, you would be a fool to overlook this game for such a menial reason.

A mix of Doom, Crypt of the NecroDancer and in a way, Guitar Hero (stick with me here). Metal: Hellsinger could be set to be the next big indie hit of 2022. Here's everything you need to know so far.


LATEST - Less Than Two Week Until Release!

There are less than two weeks to go until Metal: Hellsinger is released worldwide!

Following the games' showing and incredible concert at Gamescom 2022, it earned the title of Game of the Show from us here at RealSport101.

Metal: Hellsinger Release Date

You can get your hands on Metal: Hellsinger on Thursday, 15 September. However, if you pre-order the game, you can play it two days early on Tuesday, 13 September.

metal hellsinger gameplay screenshot

It's not uncommon for games to offer a short early access period to encourage pre-orders of their game and it makes perfect sense in this case. A free demo is currently available to play on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


Gameplay for Metal: Hellsinger is a strangely satisfying mix of Doom and Crypt of the NecroDancer. You'll mostly hack and slash your way through demons but timing your hits with the beat of the soundtrack will produce more brutal and painful attacks.

Enemies will also glow giving you the opportunity to get in close and finish them off with a devastating combo.

Movement and platforming is also very smooth, complimenting the combat perfectly and managing to enhance the overall experience even further.

Artist Lineup

Metal: Hellsinger has a specially curated soundtrack which has been contributed to by legends of the scene. This includes;

  • Serj Tankian - System of a Down
  • Matt Heafy - Trivium
  • Mikael Stanne - Dark Tranquility
  • Bjorn Strid - Soilwork
  • Alissa White-Gluz - Arch Enemy
  • James Dorton - Black Crown Initiate
  • Randy Blythe - Lamb of God
  • Tatiana Shmayluk - Jinjer
  • Dennis Lyxen - Silent No More