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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Revealed: It's Pretty Soon!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has finally been given a release date by developers Bioware!

It's time to check those calibrations because the Mass Effect Remaster is coming to both current and next-gen consoles on May 14th.

The Legendary Edition comes with all three of the original Mass Effect games, over 40 DLCs, and a slew of both visual and performance enhancements.

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Visual Improvements

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the perfect place to return to the series, or start it for the first time!

The LE comes with a visual overhaul that has utilised AI Upscaling and custom batch tools.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Mass Effect 1
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WOAH - The Original Mass Effect has been improved substantially

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Below, we've listed all of the improvements you can expect to see in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  • 4K Resolution;
  • Enhanced Textures;
  • Improved Character Models;
  • Better Lighting, FX, and DOF tuning;

Gameplay Improvements


It has also been reported that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have a few notable gameplay improvements.

Firstly, there will be a unified control scheme across all three titles. This will be in the style of Mass Effect 2, the game many fans agree had the best gameplay.

Weapons will be balanced and there will be improvements to the MAKO's controls and performance in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

In addition to this, Fem!Shep will be available throughout the trilogy. This is the first time players will be able to play as Fem!Shep in the original title.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Female Shephard
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COMMANDER - Fem!Shep will be available in all three Mass Effect games for the first time!

Another semi-important improvement is the fact that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will reportedly have skippable elevators!


This is fantastic news for fans of the series as some of these load-times could push well-over 45 seconds.

The changes will transform the series and aim to help it stand up to Triple-A titles that are releasing today.

Additional Content

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes with loads of great additional content to provide the best Mass Effect experience to date!

Bioware has confirmed that over 40 DLCs are coming with the Legendary Edition. This is ranging from large story content expansions to promotional cosmetic unlocks.

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In addition to this, Bioware has developed a number of key improvements to customisation including never-before-seen hairstyles and skin tones.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date has been announced and is May 14th. The game will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

You can find more information on the official Mass Effect site.