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When can you preload BioWare's Mass Effect Legendary Edition on consoles?

It's time to head back to your favourite stores on The Citadel! Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out right now, but make sure you're prepared for the huge download size if you haven't installed it yet.

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LATEST - Community Tribute Video

BioWare has shared a Community Tribute video that touches on just a fraction of the people who have made Mass Effect what it is today and how the community really is at the heart of the game. We get a new look at "The Epic Trilogy" in its' new light, too, but it's the stories from the community that make it a great video.

It essentially raises the important point that video games are more than just video games to people. They're a chance at representation, an outlet for personal exploration and a way for people to escape.

Mass Effect has helped people do this and now the Legendary Edition is bringing all of this and more to the next generation of consoles.

Welcome back, Commander Shephard.


When Can You Preload Mass Effect?

If you're looking forward to playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition on your Xbox One and Series X|S, you can start to preload it right now ready for Friday.

As for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players, this will start on May 12th. There should be a timer in your Game Library that counts down to this. However, if not, you may be prompted to download it when it goes live if you haven't checked by then.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Preload MAKO
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MAKO UPDATE - We can't quite believe it either, but the MAKO is playable now

As for PC players, we don't currently have any additional information that would suggest it is coming as a feature for Steam users. Sorry.


File Size Details & More

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms on May 14th. Although it hasn't got a native next-gen release, the current-gen versions of the title will run with better performance on the next-gen consoles.

Below, we have the rough file sizes for all three platforms. It's worth noting that there will also be a 13GB Day One Patch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. The PC version of the title is the largest of all, reportedly clocking in at 120GB according to Steam. However, this shouldn't have a Day One Patch.

  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S ~ 84GB
  • PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 ~ 87GB
  • PC ~ 120GB

You can check out the Remastered Comparison trailer below for a better look at the changes that are coming to the title. However, we've also compiled a full rundown of everything that's changing in Mass Effect Legendary Edition here.

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