Marvel's Spider-Man PC - Release Date, System Requirements & New Content

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First released in 2018, Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 quickly established itself as a fan-favourite outing for the web-headed hero and an all-time great for PlayStation. Now, in 2022, its remastered version is making the leap like God of War before it with Spider-Man PC set for release later this year.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man PC Port.

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Spider-Man PC is out now!
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Marvel's Spider-Man PC is now out on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game has a download size of 65.2GB in total and will require a sizeable update for those who have already pre-loaded the game.

Full Dualsense Support Confirmed

Dualsense controller for Marvel's Spider-Man PC
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When it comes to playing games on PC, most people will use a keyboard and mouse but when a controller is needed or beneficial, an Xbox controller is the tool of choice for most.

PlayStation seems determined to change this a little bit, giving Spider-Man PC full support with its Dualsense controller, something which might become the new norm for their PC ports in the future.

Marvel's Spider-Man PC System Requirements

With pre-orders for Spider-Man PC now live, the developers of the port, Nixxes Software, revealed the full system requirements breakdown via their official Twitter page.

As is the case with all PC ports, making sure that your PC can handle a game is a little tricky due to the sheer variety in power so seeing a five-tiered breakdown like this helps give a better understanding of where you stand.

The port also appears to be aiming for the widest range of players possible with its lowest bar aiming for a 720p resolution at 30FPS and its maximum aiming for 4K resolutions at 60FPS. Nixxes Software also tweeted about the massive variety in resolution support for Spider-Man PC, with the game being playable in the absolutely insane resolution of 48:9 across three monitors.

Be sure to check how your PC will run the game before purchasing.

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Marvel's Spider-Man PC Pre-Orders Now Available

Spider-Man PC port coming in 2022
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For players excited to get their hands on Spider-Man PC for the first time, the good news is that pre-orders are now live on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for £54.99.

The game comes with all the DLC packs as default but pre-orders will also get access to early unlocks to some of the in-game costumes such as the MCU Iron Spider as well as the Spider-Drone gadget.

Marvel's Spider-Man PC Release Date

Spider-Man PC Coming in August 2022.
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Marvel's Spider-Man PC was announced to be coming to Steam and Epic back at June's State of Play event with the announcement of Spider-Man: Miles Morales' eventual port coming soon afterwards in a blog post.

Spider-Man PC is swinging onto storefronts on Friday, 12th August 2022 and will be the latest PlayStation exclusive title to make the jump, a decision that is becoming more common as each release is proven to be successful.

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