19 Mar 2021 10:55 AM +00:00

Migrating Marvel Avengers save can be complicated

The next-gen version of Marvel's Avengers is out now and anyone who's jumped into the original versions can transfer their saves to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

If you're playing on PlayStation though, it can all be pretty tricky.

We've got the steps you need to follow below to make it all a little less stressful.

Transferring Saves From PS4 to PS5

Now, prepare to get a little confused, but we'll try to break the process down as simply as we can.

First of all, you're going to need to have both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Marvel's Avengers installed and fully updated. That can be frustrating, but it's vital to the save transfer process.

Do note, they can be installed on different consoles if that's possible for you. You can have the PS4 version on your PS4 and the PS5 version on your PS5.


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Now, launch the PS4 version and go to the save migration tab on the main menu, choosing to upload your save to the cloud.

Once that is done, open the PS5 version and you'll be prompted to download the data you just uploaded on the PS4 version.

You should then be able to play from where you left off on the PS4 version in the PS5 version.

Transferring Saves on Xbox Series X


As for Xbox players, it's all a little more simple. Since the console offers Smart Delivery, you shouldn't have to follow the same process as PlayStation players.

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The save transfer should happen automatically when you download the next-gen upgrade of Marvel's Avengers.

If you have any issues, you can follow the steps outlined on Microsoft's website.